Opening Account Balances Disappeared

It looks like Quicken has randomly removed all opening account balances from January 2020 and all of my balances are off across all of my accounts. Did that happen to anyone else?


  • splasher
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    Most users have been complaining that the OB was changed to something else, you are the first I have heard stating that the OB transactions were deleted.
    We have advised the other users to put the OB amount in the Memo field for easy reference if it happens again, but that wouldn't have helped you if the transaction was deleted.
    Are you sure that they were removed and just not had the date changed so that they showed up somewhere else?
    If this is the new OB mess-up, I'd put a zero dollar transaction in as the second transaction with the amount in the Memo field since they probably wouldn't delete it too.

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    BTW, which release of Quicken are you using?  Help->About Quicken
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    Hi @WSUCoug,

    Did you first start using Quicken in January 2020???  If not can you please explain why you are indicating that all your "starting balances" were from January 2020? 

    I am a long-time user, and while I have seen posters reporting that Quicken has changed certain opening account balances in some of their accounts, to be honest, I have never seen anyone report that all opening balances were randomly REMOVED as of one particular date.

    Please give us more details so that we can try to help you.


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  • WSUCoug
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    Yes, started the current file on 1/1/2020 after my old file was corrupted (it was in use since 1998).

    The opening balance on all accounts are complete gone, so all balances are showing incorrect. It's the weirdest thing. Why would they straight up delete my opening balances?

    Quicken Version R46.12
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