Broken keyboard shortcuts in "Shares Sold" dialog

churchid Member ✭✭
See the attached screenshot of the "Enter Transactions" dialog when the transaction type is "Sell - Shares Sold". Highlighted in yellow are 2 underlined "L" letters, indicating the button/field can be activated by using the Alt+L key combination. In this case, the "Specify Lots" button seems to take precedence. This has existed in Quicken Windows for as long as I can remember (I've used it since 2003 or so). When entering transactions for my 401k, it is REALLY inconvenient to have to go for the mouse all the time. I have been pushed to try to do something about it because my employer switched to a different 401k account management company, and now there are much more frequent shares sold transactions for charging account maintenance fees (monthly vs. quarterly).

Can anyone suggest a way to get a bug report/request through to the development team to change the shortcut key for "Total sale"? Doing so should break nothing, since shortcut key for that has never worked. Looking at the dialog, 'o' and 'e' are the only two characters in "Total sale" that aren't already used somewhere else on that form.
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