Quicken Changes One of my Account Names to a Category With Same Name

I have an account named [Fidelity DB]. The problem arises whenever a transfer transaction is made transfering money between this account and a checking account. If the transfer transaction is started from the checking account and [Fidelity DB] is entered as transfer category a gremlin inside Quicken removes the square brackets and makes the category to be Fidelity DB (no brackets) although I do not have it as a valid category. And, of course, no transfer transaction appears in the [Fidelity DB] account. Most of the time to avoid the problem I have to start the transaction from [Fidelity DB]. In this case the transaction is processed correctly and the corresponding transfer transaction appears in the checking account. Well that is great but I dislike leaving the Check# column blank. When I change the Check# to TXFR I end up with the same problem related above with the brackets removed. I have found a way around by using Edit Transaction and doing a replacement of the Check# with TXFR. Edit Transaction is able to make the change without removing the brackets. I have had this problem for more than 15 years and am a bit tired of having to use the work around the problem. I have tried many things over the years like changing the Fidelity account name to no avail.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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