Anyone have issues with online bank balances not coinciding with actual balance?

karen m
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So this has been an ongoing issue for awhile, at least several months, where some banks when doing one step update, use a balance that does not coincide with the transactions. There are apparently some hidden transactions that are pending that do not download but the ending balance does include those. I have 2 banks that do it that way, First Financial bank and Frost bank, and one that doesn't, Wells Fargo. Anyone know of a fix? Eventually I can get them to reconcile if there are no pending transactions but it is annoying not having it real time all the time. 


  • Katrina52
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    If you are saying the "Online Balance" at the bottom of the register in the bank account you are working on includes pending transactions, so that if you log into your Wells Fargo account, for instance and the current day balance also includes the current day pending transactions then I think it is how the bank communicates the online balance. Just downloaded for my bank that has 2 pending transactions and the Online Balance in Quicken shows just the cleared transactions and not the 2 pending. In fact, when I log into my bank account online the running balance is only shown beside each post/cleared entry, but not the pending entries. Check on your accounts online to see if they show a running balance next to pending transactions. I don't think that's a normal thing because other transactions can come in during the day to change the balance.
    I hope this helps.
  • karen m
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    So it appears the balance that is being downloaded included the pending transactions on the bank website but the pending transactions are not downloaded. Wells fargo on the other hand only downloads the balance that is before any pending transactions, basically the ending balance of the last close I think so its always the same. It's just odd that these other banks use a balance that includes the pending transactions but don't download the pending transaction. Sort of a disconnect if you ask me. Guess that's on the banks though and not quicken.  :/
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