Collections Section for Quicken

Many investors have coin collections. There are multiple stand alone numismatic software programs on the market but none interface with Quicken. None update values easily. None have the clean organization and search potential of Quicken. Quicken has in the past drawn from other databases to obtain valuations on cars and houses. A "collections" section might be very helpful for Quicken users to track the various collections they have (i.e. coins, stamps). Several companies also serve as professional third-party coin graders/valuation experts. All professionally graded coins are documented and photographed and held in databases. A Quicken system that interfaced with these professional graders information to show personally held coins might also be useful to individual investors. Such a system might also be useful to document collection holdings for insurance purposes. Just and idea.
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  • mkbulley
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    A well developed coin collection section might also end up being something that Quicken users might be willing to pay for as an add-on.