Working in Investment Account, columns not aligned properly

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When working in Investment Account and highlighting a specific transaction the investment amount disappears. In order to see the investment amount for that transaction I have to click on another investment to see the amount on the first transaction. My suggestion is to allow the investment amount to appear on the transaction on which you are working on and is highlighted.
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    The amount disappears because the highlighted transaction Edit dialog is wider than your Quicken window.
    I concur. That shouldn't be. Columns should align with their headers. A programmer should take a look at this.
    Until someone does, temporarily widen your Quicken window. Press the "F11" function key to toggle full-screen mode within the existing window or click the Account Sidebar closed.
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    If you look at the attached image you will see the first security that is highlighted does not show an investment amount. The second security which is not highlighted shows an investment amount. If I click on the second security the first will show an investment amount and the second will not. That makes no sense to me because if I am working on the first I want that information. Does this make the problem clearer? As an FYI there is no cash amt and cash balance. That maybe because I am working with both an investment account and a cash account.