Password fails on scheduled one-step update

When I activate one-step update within Quicken I am prompted for my vault password.  I enter the password and the update proceeds. 

When I restart my computer I am prompted to enter the vault password but it always fails. (see image). 

Why would the password work within Quicken but fail with the scheduled update prompt?

I am quite sure I am using the same password for each.


  • Jon Whittaker
    Jon Whittaker Member ✭✭✭

    There are a lot of trails on this same point, which I've been frustrated over for a couple of years. Quicken - Do us all a favor, either fix it or remove the agent!

  • Haberkorn
    Haberkorn Member
    New computer, activated old quicken backup which apparently has a different vault password which I don't remember. How can I reset? I was able to get into quicken initially but am unable to update accounts.