R47.11 update messed up my accounts (edit)

I have a huge mess with account balances using both Direct Connect and Express Web Connections since Quicken updated this morning. Anyone else experiencing problems?


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    What version …. Help —> About Quicken 
    See if the original Opening Balances have been changed … 
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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    Newest Update - R47.11 Build loaded on this morning.
    Opening balance did not change when I tried to update Bank of America credit card. But ending balance increased by more than $4000.
    I checked to see if all of my payments were posted, and they were. I then went back to 2021 and slowly scrolled to see where the increase was coming from. I found 2 transaction which I never posted. They looked like a transfer between Bank of America (and not my checking account) and a Capital One account. These transactions were posted on 01/16/22 and 02/16/22 in both accounts. The actual payments were also posted in both accounts. I am confident that these happened after I tried to update the Bank of America account.
    I spent the entire morning trying to figure out what happened. I was able to get BofA corrected, then did an update on my checking account, which is a Direct Connection update. My ending balance decreased to a negative $2500 or about $4200. I restored a good back-up and posted on the community.
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