Bank transaction Memo information stopped downloading

On September 14th 2022 all information from my bank was being downloaded and populated into the columns within my checking account register in Quicken. On September 15th 2022 all information was downloading as usual EXCEPT the Memo fields in the Memo column of my register. I have contacted Quicken support and been on the phone with them for well over 4 hours in the course of 3 phone calls. I have went through troubleshooting steps including creating a new "test" file and still the memo info will not download. During that 4 hours the agent i talked to was in contact with the "escalation team" twice. I contacted my bank IT department and spoke with the person in charge of communications with the 3rd party app called Banno with the following statement from them :
"Essentially when end users are using an intuit product Intuit logs in on behalf of the user, scrubs for information from our app and displays it. Any information they get from Banno [trade name of our online banking app] is what is displayed. Now if they are not displaying information that is in Banno but is not being displayed on the intuit product, then that is a question for Intuit. Long answer, short Banno does not restrict information from Intuit however does not have control of what is displayed. Please let me know if you have any additional questions."
I gave this information to the agent during my last call and after talking to the escalation team he came back and said this was a " known General Issue" since October of 2022 and was part of the "Open Alerts" on this community forum. However, I find no such issue here that matches mine.

I use Windows Quicken version, Paid and updated regularly. I use Quicken on my PC only, I do not use the online version. I use Web Express Connect to connect and download my banking transactions. Any help greatly appreciated while waiting for Quicken to "fix" this issue.


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