Can't see downloads to accept.

TTSguy Member ✭✭✭✭
When I use Web Connect to download my transactions, I get the red flag next to the accounts that received downloads, however I cannot get them to load into the accept transactions frame to "accept all". It's like they are stuck in limbo somewhere.

I can however go the account preferences and change account download preferences and check to add to bank registers box under download preferences, and they will then load to the register.

I recently updated to Version R46-12, Build 27-1-46-12. Could that be the problem? I tried validate and super validate, but no workee!. I'm down to using Quicken for the bare basics, only download using Web Connect ... nothing else and now that won't even work. It's kinda sad what's happening! My next step is to just cut out using Quicken subscription and just manually load EVERYTHING manually, but that too is impossible without the subscription!!!
Any help is appreciated, and I do have sync turned off.
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