How to show mortgage payments towards equity in a real cash statement of cash flows?

Hello - I am trying to create a cashflow statement that shows real cash in and cash out payments; a real cash payments in and payments out (a few different accounts have been used, but all of them are tagged appropriately).

I have it down correctly for the most part. The only thing that is missing is that I cannot get the payments toward the principal in my liabilities to show correctly.

I believe that is part of the "transfers" rules in advanced. However, there appears to only be three options available, none of which solve my problems. Also, when I include transfers, some of the accounts that I have explicitly excluded show up.

Anyone have any tips on how to create a statement of cashflows that will include everything that I just mentioned? Thanks in advance


  • Kroth
    Kroth Member ✭✭
    Like, the report is literally perfect except it is missing the cash payments towards liability principal. I cant seem to figure a way to get that to show...
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