Allow user to create custom fields for transactions (Q Mac)

Paul M
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Allow user to create custom fields for transactions, eg. create a new field called "Mileage" for use on "...:vehicle:services" category. Cleaner than just adding it to Memo.
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  • MontanaKarl
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    If a new field were added, it would still take up space in every single transaction, increasing the size of the data file.  My file has over 56,000 transactions... should every one of them get a new mileage field when only a few dozen transactions relate to mileage?

    Not sure I understand why the memo isn't sufficient?  What would you like to do with the mileage field that you can't do with a memo (and wouldn't be better tracked in a spreadsheet)?

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  • jacobs
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    Some users also use the Action field for specific information they want to track if they don't otherwise utilize the Action field. Just a thought...

    I agree with @MontanaKarl in not loving the idea of adding new custom fields to the database. It';s not as simple as just adding a field; people would want to sort, search, include in reports, etc. For instance, something as simple as mileage requires a way to define new fields as numeric versus alphanumeric in order to sort correctly (with numbers, you get 1, 2, 10; with alphanumeric, you get 1, 10, 2). I just don't see Quicken adding the complexity of user-created custom fields. Also, new fields would need to be introduced into Quicken Cloud, and the feature set for Quicken Cloud is driven by Quicken Windows — so this would require changes across all Quicken product teams. I think there are so many greater issues facing Quicken...
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  • UKR
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    Are you looking for a way to track Tax deductible Mileage (business, medical, charity, etc.) in Quicken Mac?
    This feature is missing in Q Mac and has been requested for several years already, to be added to Q Mac, Q Mobile, Q smartphone app and to be extended to all feature levels of Q Windows.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Paul M  If the main concern is tracking mileage, as @UKR wrote, this is a longstanding request. Visit the Idea post for this, and add your vote. I'd note that this idea hasn't received a large number of votes, so it may not be on the developers' radar for feature planning at this time. If more people vote for an idea, it can get sent to the developers for consideration.
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