Scotia Bank US Dollar Issue Could Be Fixed?

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This morning I noticed that my Scotia Bank one-step update behaviour had changed: The 2 factor authentication (2FA) response completed without asking for a 2nd request, which I normally would have to cancel to complete. And it returned much quicker than before.

So I created a test file and ran through an Add Scotia Bank accounts - it completed successfully (after asking 2FA twice) and all my accounts were added with none shown as USD currency. The first time this has worked in over a year.

I then returned to my working file, backed it up and tried to activate Express Web Connect for my Scotia Bank accounts. It again successfully completed for my previously problematic savings account, all accounts continue to use CAD currency and all balances look accurate!

I would recommend doing a backup before you turn on Express Web Connec to your Scotia Bank accounts. I'll check a few more things but as of now it looks good ... so far ...


  • ReeseS
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    Did it work again today, a day after your post?
  • grimmt1957
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    ReeseS: Yes, it's still working fine today.
    I spent some time checking reports and wanted to get some more transactions processed before posting confirmation.
    I have not encountered any issues.

    It looks to be fixed; my only concern is: why it hasn't been officially communicated.
  • grimmt1957
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    It's been a full on week now, and my Scotiabank accounts (preferred savings, credit, line of credit) all continue to work fine. All transactions and balances match my on-line account, and most importantly - all of my accounts remain in CAD currency and reports and transfers between accounts are correct.

    Today, as a test, I backed up my file and did a reset account on my preferred savings account (which previously always caused a switch to USD currency) and EWC properly prompted me to link back to the correct account and properly retained CAD currency.

    Still not sure why this is not being communicated in the "ONGOING 2/17/23 Scotia Bank Account Switching Currency from CAD to USD" alert. The alert was updated today saying they are still working on it.
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