Summary by Year reports - default to previous N years (maybe 5?)

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The reports:
   Category Summary by Year, and
   Payee Summary by Year

default to show ALL years = 100% of all data in the Quicken data set.  With over 56,000 transactions, and a cost basis for one security from 1961... each of these reports takes "forever" to generate (beachball) and generates 63 columns from 1961 through the current year...

...which is pretty much nothing I would ever want.

How about a more reasonable default of the previous 5 years?  Or similar small number.

The Summary by Quarter reports show the current and prior 4 quarters.... 

Summary by Month shows just those months that are in the current year (YTD).

Summary by Year should not imply 'all years' as it does now.  Only workaround (since we cannot change standard report defaults ourselves) is to generate the report once, and save as a custom report with a limited year range.
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  • jacobs
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    Great idea! I've often grumbled when opening one of these reports -- almost always followed immediately by editing the date range to a shorter period. I think a default range of 4 or 5 years would be an excellent improvement.
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