Split transactions showing in register but not in details

klepp Member ✭✭
I went through the entries in my HSA which came through my checking account as a split transaction from my salary. When I hover over the entry in the register I can see the full breakdown (net salary, taxes, etc) and I can see that the HSA transfer is to an 'undefined' account. However, when I click the green tick mark on the entry to see the split transactions, there is no information there at all.

This is what I see when hovering over (see Hover over.png) and when I see split transactions it all comes up as zero (see Split TX.png). Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I don't want to re-enter all this info.


  • Ashkelon12
    Ashkelon12 Member
    I am having a similar problem. I split a rent deposit and the next month, even though I call up the memorized payee, the split I entered the previous month is not brought forward. so for all my split deposits, I must reenter them month after month. There must be a way for quicken to bring that data up to the next deposit. Can anyone help. None of the quicken help folks know the answer. Vern
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