Hundreds of ghost bill reminders for $0.00

Looks my previous post is removed.
I have suddenly (after enhancing the American express connection, but not sure it is related) an issue with manual bill reminders in the "Bill and Income Reminders" which has the following: {status = done}, {Due = None}, {#Left = 0}. in the "action" column, it is indicated as (Auto). the "action" column buttons to "edit" or "skip" do not respond. I have run the "Validate File" and this does not fix the issue. I can delete the reminders one by one but I have hundreds of them (multiple accounts). Please advise on how to delete these ghost bill reminders in bulk!


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    Hello @pbmsmit,

    Your previous post was removed as a duplicate as you also reported this same issue in another one of your threads here in which you were already advised to contact Quicken Support directly for further assistance as this issue may require an escalation in order to resolve.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
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    Nope, the other post was about the repeating AmericanExpress enhancement that messes up the quicken administration. And yes I mentioned the same issue but posted it separate because these are 2 different problems.
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    Called in for this problem, and was on call for almost an hour but at the end the only message I got was 'you have to delete them manually'. As there are hundreds (or thousands?) that is no solution. Asked the contact to go back to development and asked for a function in the repair function to delete (in bulk) all $0.00 manual bills. The only (stubborn) answer was 'you have to delete them manually'. Finally (after an hour) she talked to someone else, and the advice is to request this new function in the community and wait........ Not very helpfull, and I'm stucked with hundreds of 'ghost bills of $0.00'. I guess I'm not the only customer with this problemas it occured after switched to bank of america Express Web Connect+. Quicken should fix this "asap".
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