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On the Sidebar I have a large list of main accounts and quite a few separate accounts. The main accounts has a scroll bar (top to bottom) while the separate list is a fixed section and it grows larger with every addition. Subsequently, this makes the main account section smaller. My suggestion is to reverse this. Put the scroll bar in the separate accounts. They're separate for a reason and I don't need to see the balance on every account at all times. The main accounts are main for a reason and those I need to see every time I'm using the software. I know I can minimize the separate accounts, but then I don't see the dot telling me there's updates after I connect to the associated financial institutions.

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  • Jon
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    Are you talking about Quicken Windows or Quicken on the Web?

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  • Beijing Mac
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    what are main accounts and what are separate accounts?  I don't understand this -- my quicken (Windows Ver 47.xx) has a side bar or section that lists "accounts" and that is broken into different sections such as "banking", "rental property", "investing" etc.  Each section can be collapsed or expanded.  
  • Jon
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    You can mark an account as "Separate", and then it doesn't get included in dashboards or reports. If you have any Separate accounts they will be in their own "Separate" section in the sidebar. It's useful if you have one or two accounts that you want to keep separated from your personal finances but don't want to go to the trouble of creating an entirely separate Quicken file.

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I don't see what you're seeing, @j.howell01. I see a single scrollbar which scrolls both the normal and separate accounts all together.
    Show us a screen shot of what you're seeing and mention which version of Quicken you're running.

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  • miklk
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    If you select Hide account Name in account List in addition to Keep this Account separate, The Separate Area on Sidebar will be collapsed which is I think what you want?
  • Jim_Harman
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    Or you can click on the Separate heading and it will collapse the whole section, showing just the total amount. 
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