Historical Stock Quotes Wonky

Whirly Member ✭✭
This is a deal breaker for me. Quicken (R45.18) has wiped out virtually all of my historical stock quotes right up to a few months. Take a stock that traded from $40-60 over the last 20+ years. Quicken has changed the value to $2000 to $5000 from 1998 to 2002. Then it goes to $0 and then back up to $1-2500 until 2009 when the price goes to $0 for 2 years then back up to $2000+ then to $4000+ in 2014 with the odd day at $56 or so. Then it gets really wonky. In late 2018 it goes to $7000 to 8000 to $12000 per share in late 2020...back to normal in Oct 2021. All my stocks are like this but timing is different. My so called Portfolio Value goes from "normal" to $21 million in March 2022 climbs to $23 million and then drops suddenly back to normal about the end of September 2022. I have 3 Quicken files and this is the only one to do this but it is my main file and I no longer have a record of stock quotes but also my Net Worth is totally unreliable. My data is destroyed for some reason. I've tried the Repair options including resetting stock quotes with no luck. I need this fixed or Quicken has no value to me to track my investments.


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