OneStep Update not working, again

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Not for PNC Bank checking and credit card, Commerce Bank credit card, Schwab.

I reinstalled.

I created a "dummy" file that updates, but it doesn't contain my budget and likely other information so I need that original, pre-"dummy."

What's the operator doing wrong?



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    Hi @Bmore,

    It is really hard to determine what the problem is based on the limited data you've provided.  You sound like you may be a new user (??) and Quicken is not the easiest application to run and maintain, so keep the faith.

    From what you say above, if a "dummy" file works where your actual datafile does not - that would indicate that there are problems with your datafile.  The first thing I would suggest is to do a validate and repair on the original datafile to see if any file errors are reported.  If there are - let Quicken try to fix them.  If there are no errors reported (i.e. the file is clean), then I would suggest that you deactivate downloading from all accounts in the file and then re-add the connections one-by-one.  Look for errors as you go and if necessary, disconnect those that don't download properly.  You may have to live with downloading a file and importing into Quicken as a workaround.  And - as you go through your process - post back here with specific questions you may have about what you are seeing along the way.  Don't expect to be able to fix everything yourself.  Just try to get as many details as possible about what is happening, so that folks here can understand and try to assist you.


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