Multiple AMEX cards with separate userids/passwords not correctly reauthorizing

I have two AMEX credit cards, one in my wife's and one is mine. They have separate userIDs/passwords and when I try to reauthorize them, it's asking me to link the other card to a new account. When I relinked to the same Quicken account, it downloaded all the historical transactions for the other/wrong account. I restored a backup, installed the latest patch and it's requesting I relink one of the cards. It looks like it wants to merge the two accounts into one AMEX signon. I'm on R47.15 and build


  • JonathanFry
    JonathanFry Member ✭✭
    I am having the same or a very similar problem. I have two Amex cards under one userid/password and my wife has another under a different userid/password. All of the activity on all three cards appears on the same statement, and has in the past been in one Quicken account. When Quicken asked me to reauthorize and I followed the steps, it wanted me to start new accounts or link to an existing account for only my two cards, not my wife's. I linked one to my existing account, but after that (for the other card), the existing account was no longer offered as a linking choice. At that point, I bailed.
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