How to connect to Capital One via 2 different logins

My husband and I each have a Capital One account so we have two different logins. One is connected, but how do I connect the other one? It feels like I can only connect via one person?

Been trying to do the other account manually, but manual is a mess.


  • Does this solution work?

    - For the second account, log in to the CapitalOne website, and download the transactions manually as a QFX file (one time).
    - In Quicken, go to "File" > "File Import" > "Web Connect (.QFX) File..." and select the QFX file.
    - Right-click the account that was created, and go to "Edit/Delete Account". On the "Online Services" tab, a link will appear that says: "Your Financial Institution supports an improved connection method. Click here to find out more and get set up."
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