US Bank PFM non-connect issues among otherf issues

I have uszed quicken for years and for last few years, have employed PFM for bill pay. Start having issues with PFM updates and went to direct connect. Direct connect had proven to be very slow and I was rquired to pay for bank bilpay. I contaccted US Bank to re-establish PFM. Quicken support provided a backdoor configuration to get PFM working. Within a couple of days, PFM updates sstarted coming in slowly. I did try to go reset aaccounts with PFM and no luck. After US Banks support I now have 4 accounts listed to for updating. (Not sure how to eliminate)

Right now cannot update any file it seems. (US Bank) my primary bank.

I am lost and after 3 weeks feeling helpless and ready to star from scratch. I have multiple backups but not seem to be able to update and accounts..

FWIW, I have Quicken on 2 laptops. When I go to backup computer and try to update account files, I get errror message Quicken online update not available on one system but not other.

Please explain how I can get this software working again. I would take express connect at this point. ( USBank acknowledged issues but no estimate on updates/repairs)
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