Rearranging accounts is un-flexible

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To follow up (and answer this user's question which was closed without any response - WHY???)
He was trying to move different kinds of accounts into a list of another type.
Quicken restricts moving outside of an account type. In Banking the allowed groups are Spending, Savings, Credit, and Liability and it's not possible to move an account of one type into another. You can change account types between Spending and Savings, but not into Credit or Liability (which are the only two options in that area).
I found this out when I created a new savings account and tried to move it with other savings accounts (which had originally been classified as Spending - I assume was the default since they were set up years ago, and I didn't do that.)
So, in order to be able to move accounts you need to classify them the same as the others in the same group. But you still can't sort them ALL in the same group, because Credit and Liability accounts can't be changed to Saving or Spending accounts.
Changing is done by editing the account, going to the Display Options tab at the top, then selecting the account type by Account intent.

Another of Quicken's square holes that you have to attempt to drive your round peg into. :(
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