Reports need the ability to filter by Cleared/Uncleared status

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Quicken Windows reports can have transactions filtered on the uncleared/cleared or reconciled status of a transaction.

For any kind of tax report (as well as many others), uncleared transactions must not be included - whether the transaction was erroneous (and will never clear), or a check was written and was never deposited.

Quicken Windows offers this selection for filtering transactions for reports based on status:

We should be able to create our own customized transaction detail or summary reports for tax or other purposes which exclude 'not cleared' transactions to have accurate data and avoid penalties for 'false' data.

In a detail report, you could enable the 'cleared' (CLR) column and scan to see if any uncleared transactions are present.

In a summary report, you would have no idea and could potentially submit false totals to a taxing authority.
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  • Sheldon W
    Sheldon W Member
    This feature does not necessarily apply for just tax purposes but anytime a person wants to report on a set of uncleared transactions *across single or multiple accounts* it would be nice to have this feature just the same way it exists in Q Windows Deluxe version.
  • jacobs
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    @Sheldon W Here's a partial workaround which may help you meet this need in part. If you click on All Transactions, or one of the sub-groups like Cash or Banking, you can then click on the Clr column heading in the register to sort that register by status. Then, if you want to print a report of uncleared transactions, click on the first uncleared transaction, Shift-Click on the last uncleared transaction, and select Print. In the pop-up dialog box, be sure to select "Include: Selected Transactions Only". This will give you a report of the uncleared transactions.

    But what if you want to select a few accounts but not all within one fo the account groups? You can do that, too, although it's not very intuitive. Select the group heading which encompasses all the accounts you want to include, such as Banking. The second filter above the register shows All Accounts (or all USD Accounts); pull down that filter and select the first account you want to include. then pull down that filter menu again and select the next account you want to include. Repeat until you have the specific accounts you want included. Then processed as above to sort by the Clr field, select the uncleared transactions, and print.

    Again, this isn't as easy or helpful as having the cleared status as a criterion you can select when defining a Report, so do I hope they will add that functionality in the future. :) But in the meantime, this workaround will satisfy most needs for reports of uncleared transactions. 
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  • Sheldon W
    Sheldon W Member

    Thanks for the tip and would agree it is a partial workaround. A clumsy workaround … but a workaround nonetheless. I rarely print reports and only need to view them. Being able to select and run a canned report that includes only uncleared transactions is a fast and easy way to reconcile (single or in my case multiple) accounts. Such a small equivalent feature would eliminate a rather clumsy alternative process! I hope that functionality will be added, too! Thanks for the tip.