Quicken locks up when attaching files (Q Win Canada, Ver R45.18)

Arctic Hare
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Re-creating this post because the bug in Quicken remains unresolved: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7925078/quicken-locks-up-when-attaching-files-q-win-canada-ver-r45-18#latest

This issues renders Quicken essentially useless because entering each transaction can take up to 30 minutes - per transaction as Quicken attempts to synch to cloud.
Recently (with version R45.18) I have been encountered frequent lock-ups of Quicken specifically when attaching files to transactions. Quicken get hung up with the cloud sync icon pulsing when adding the file attachment. I need to used Task Manager to End Task Quicken. After restarting Quicken, I find that most of the time (not all of the time, but most of the time) the attachment has been attached successfully locally. I don't use Quicken Web/mobile, so I haven't checked to see if has synced to the cloud.

This does (again) beg the question why attachments have to be synched to the cloud even if one is not using Quicken Web/Mobile? Regardless, my intent is to draw attention to this issue of frequent lock-ups/crashes (the program doesn't actually crash, it just gets stuck in some infinite loop and I manually End Task Quicken to get out of the endless loop) associated with attaching files in R45.18.
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