Santander Bank Bill connection issues

rodney23 Member ✭✭
Quicken Bill Manager says my account with SantanderBank is locked. However, I can log in to the bank web site just fine via browser. Attempts to remove biller and re-add result in the same error message. "One-step Update" has no issues connecting to the bank and downloading updates. This seems to be a Bill Manger <-> Santander connection/log-in issue. Additionally, I receive multiple one-time use codes (2FA) via text from Santander at all times of day including when I attempted to re-add the biller. IT appears that Quicken Bill Manager is attempting and failing to connect repeatedly, all the time.

This is for downloading my Mortgage and HELOC bills. This had been working until today when I got the above message about the account. I've been getting the 2FA codes for the last 4-5 days.
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