CTRL-R stops working after several reconciles (edit)

Please refer to the closed discussion on this topic. I think I've nailed the cause of this problem. It seems to occur only when I reconcile an account using CTRL-R, after reconciling many others in a like manner. If I do not use the CTRL-R shortcut, the problem apparently does not occur. I.e., for whatever reason, CTRL-R stops working after a while.


  • Ps56k2
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    Do you mean that CTRL-R has stopped working, as mentioned in some other topics ? 
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    Plese give us some more details. What's happening when you Ctrl-R and "it doesn't work"? What do you get?
    A screen image snapshot of what's on your Quicken window at that moment might be helpful.
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    I was referring to https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7923280/is-the-size-of-my-qdata-file-causing-problems#latest, but your reference also applies, except that CTRL-R works for a while before it stops working. I also noticed that CTRL-B doesn't work when CTRL-R stops working. What happens is that the system just sends out a tone or sometimes does nothing. I use Quicken Premier for Windows, and am using Windows 10. I should mention that it is only the shortcut keys that don't work. If I use the full menu, I have no problems.
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    What version of QWin are you using? We had this problem years ago (I found an archived thread from 2016-2017) but I thought it had been fixed since then. If you are using an old version, there is an obscure workaround involving a Windows registry key.
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    Premier (current subscriber) on Windows 10.
  • actuary314
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    version R47.15
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