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I have been using Quicken since the mid 1980’s and I have never had any major problems until the last 6-9 months. It seems like every time Quicken releases a patch, transaction downloads break. I have gone through the process of “create copy or template”, validating the file and “Add Account” to relink all my accounts 5 times in the past 3 months. When I try to relink my accounts the “Nickname in Quicken” field has some random account listed. If I click on “Link to existing” it has the correct account selected and then it updates the “Nickname in Quicken” correctly (see attached png file). I have had one instance that I didn’t click “Link to existing” assuming it was going to link the correct account regardless of what was shown in “Nickname in Quicken” and it linked the wrong account.
What has happened to the test team and quality control? Did they all quit or was the group terminated to save costs? Looking on the Quicken Support page it’s obvious with the number of patches Quicken is releasing and the number of issues reported, Quicken has a quality problem! I hope this message reaches Quicken Management and they address the issues. If not, more people are going to get fed up with the product and management could be looking for a new job.
I’m spending so much time re-linking my accounts, I’m starting to wonder if quicken is saving me any time or do I need to look for another solution.


  • cavitt
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    Yes to this.
  • garoseber
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    Yes! Numerous issues the last 6 months - each time after receiving a software update. Received R47.15 update a couple of days ago and now none of my accounts download. QA work at Quicken appears to be non-existent before releasing an update.
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    I'm encountering the same issue. I have to keep resetting the account to get downloads to work again. Watch out for your opening balance being changed when that. You can see a post from me on that issue
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    What is the "another solution"?
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