Quicken Changed Tags

I am having the same issue as the closed ticket https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7925297/changing-tags
I have split transactions that, for some reason, had the tag changed. The split now has the same tag instead of a unique tag for each line. (IE: two entries, one with "Dean" and one with "Aaron". Quicken changed both entries to "Dean".) I have changed the tags back to the original values multiple times during my troubleshooting and every time, they revert back to the wrong tag. I have validated file and have super validated the file. I turned off sync and the tags stayed as the correct values. I turned on sync and reset cloud data before doing another sync. After sync, the tags were incorrect again. It looks like the tags are being changed every time I do a sync even though I reset the cloud. I also tried doing a one step update as mentioned in the ticket to see if this changed the tags. My tags did not change. I have many transactions with this issue so I can't just delete and recreate the transaction as suggested in the ticket. My file is on my computer hard drive.
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