Opening Balance Changed to Last Transaction Value When "Reset Account" in Online Services

I know there have been other posts on this general topic but I have seen a consistent and repeatable pattern.

For some reason, several of my banking connections have ceased to function recently with no errors being reported by "One Step Update". Therefore, I have gone into the account to update directly and still no new transactions or errors.

To resolve the issue, I used Edit Account Details --> Online Services --> Reset Account. That does resolve the issue but, in all cases, the opening balance for the account is changed to the value of the most recent transaction and it is not created as a transaction of its own.

For example, the most recent transaction for me was Google Domains for $12. That transaction was not created but the opening balance was changed from $0 to, you guessed it, $12.00.

Hopefully this will help Quicken identify the root cause and get it fixed.
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