"Running out of Memory. Scanner Driver will be Terminated"

I have been having issues with scanning items into transactions for a couple of months. Canon MF4880dw scanner, into Quicken Deluxe Windows 10 Home. I will be scanning, the machine will do what it should, but then the blue cloud never kicks in and the image isn't saved. I have to close Quicken, then reopen, in order for it to work.

I used the chat a couple days ago, and David had me do a data validation (which caused a ton of OLD transactions to download that I had to deal with), then he insisted I needed to do an update. The version on the update was older than what I have (R47.15 build so I did not comply. He told me that since I didn't want to do what he said, that he would not help me. (The instructions clearly said not to update if my version was greater than what the update was).

That issue persisted, and today I got the error "Running out of Memory. Scanner Driver will be Terminated". I can no longer get it to scan at all. I can import PDFs scanned (with the same scanner) just fine.

As I was not confident in my last online chat experience, I am seeking suggestions here.


  • Jim_Harman
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    First I would restart your computer.

    Then try scanning into Quicken again. If you get an error message, look carefully to see if you can tell whether it is coming from the scanner or from Quicken. If the message is coming from the scanner, make sure you have the current scanner software installed.

    Also how much RAM memory do you have on your computer?
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  • K M P
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    I have NO problem scanning with any other software. Quicken is really annoying me lately with this issue. I can only scan one piece of paper per transaction. I have to close Quicken and then reopen it in order to scan the second sheet. I will scan sheets into about four or five transactions then I Have to close Quicken and start again.

    Obviously, if this has been happening for months, I've shut down my computer and restarted it a few times in there, so that is not a solution.

    I have the latest updates of everything. No one is giving me any solution.