change which line is the next current line for out of date entered investment transactions [edited]

howardforer31 Unconfirmed, Member ✭✭
i hope i explain this clearly
if you enter new transactions in date order quicken always makes a new next line available as the current line . so quicken is ready for the next new transaction.

but i enter many transactions out of date order. i have to move the current line down one each time. quicken each time makes the last previously entered line as the next current line and not a new one.

i think it should work the same way regardless of whether or not the transactions are entered out of date order
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  • Jim_Harman
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    You think that when the register is sorted in Date order, there should be a blank line in the middle of the transaction list for you to enter another transaction on or near that date?

    Did you know that you can click on the account's gear menu and select Sorting options then "By order entered"? Then the most recently entered transaction will always be at the bottom of the register with a blank line below it. You can change the order back to "By Date/Order entered" when you are done.

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Also, if the register is sorted by Date, you can press Ctrl-I to Insert a blank transaction at your location in the register.
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  • howardforer31
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    i forgot to mention i am using an investing account not a bank account. it appears that the sorting and ctrl-I features are not available
    to be clear when you enter transaction out of date order in a a bank account quicken leaves you at the bottom of the register ready to enter the next line- when you enter a transaction out of order in a investment account it leaves you in a different location ie not ready to start a new line but one line up and you have to move down to start a new one transaction
  • Jim_Harman
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    I edited the title to clarify we are discussing investing transactions. 
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  • Chris_QPW
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    This looks like a "focus" bug in the investment register, which frankly isn't surprising, I seen many such problems in the investment registers.  The reason I believe this is a bug is because the transaction that is select after entering a transaction with an old date is the one just before the new transaction entry line.  So, it is neither after the transaction you just entered, or at a place that you can enter a new transaction.  Clearly, not the right spot.

    Example: I entered a transaction with a date 1/19/2023.  Look at which transaction is selected:

    The new transaction line that I highlighted is setup for entering the next transaction with that same date, this exactly what you would expect, but it isn't selected like it should be.
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