Unable To Add AMEX Savings Account

My wife recently opened a high yield savings account with American Express and I am trying to add the account to Quicken. Unfortunately, for some reason I am unable to do so. In the wizard for adding the account I tried using zz-americanexpress.com instead of just plain americanexpress.com and it either doesn't find anything or it finds her AMEX credit card which is already in Quicken. What do I have to do to get this account added to Quicken?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would thing that American Express Bank FSB would be the actual account holder, not the AMEX credit card arm.  Have you tried that?
  • smichels62
    smichels62 Member ✭✭
    Tom Young,

    I didn't know that was a thing so I gave it a shot and, unfortunately, it didn't work.


  • smichels62
    smichels62 Member ✭✭
    I think I just found my answer though it's not the one I wanted. This is from an FAQ on their site (https://www.americanexpress.com/en-us/banking/online-savings/faq/mint-or-quicken/):

    Does the American Express Savings site integrate with Mint or Quicken?
    At this time, American Express Savings does not allow sites like Quicken or Mint to login on behalf of our customers. This protocol is in place to protect Savings customers’ personal information. Savings does allow you to download transactions so that you can import them into Quicken by following these easy steps:

    Log in to your American Express Savings account here
    Click the account that you want to download
    Click the "Download Transactions" link at the bottom of the Transaction History section
    Follow the prompts
  • smichels62
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    And, of course, there is no "Download Transactions" link on their site.
  • CR_Wildstar
    CR_Wildstar Member
    I have the same problem, when I try to add mine it asks if I am sure I am providing the correct credentials (I am). Thing is, my other AmEx accounts are/have been added and download just fine. It simply won't let me add the new one.
  • debionken
    debionken Member

    I've had an AMEX Personal Savings Account for many years and it always linked with Quicken. But went to update everything today and apparently AMEX has ended that ability. I'm hoping they will work something out. (I'm having so many problems with ALL my accounts on Quicken right now that I'm starting to think I may need different financial software. This last update is a nightmare.)