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Hey all, I really like the new Dashboard Cards under Investments accounts for "Allocation by Security" and "Asset Allocation". One feature that would make this more helpful is if I could establish my allocation goals in each card and track where my goals are lagging.

As an example, I have a HSA account with 7 funds covering 3 assets plus cash. I contribute to this fund monthly, but I have to pull out a separate spreadsheet to check this each contribution to see where I am investing my money. If I could just set a target % for each allocation (by security and by asset), then I can see where I am down, funnel money in that direction and cut out an additional spreadsheet.

This would be applicable to any investment account. I additionally see this as a value for people needing to sell investments to fund draws.

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    @clsanchez77 There are two existing Idea threads regarding asset allocation. 

    The longstanding large thread about asset allocation is here:

    This thread is a bit muddled these days, because the most urgent calls for asset allocation reporting have been partly addressed. Both the Investment Dashboard introduced last year and the Portfolio by Asset Allocation, which can be printed as a report, answered the call for asset allocation reporting. However, it is marked as Under Consideration, because there are additional aspects to asset allocation which users have requested to match additional capabilities in Quicken Windows and the legacy Quicken Mac 2007. This includes users being able to enter an asset allocation goal and compare it to the makeup of the current holdings.

    There is a separate thread specifically about the asset goals versus current makeup:

    Is it correct that the feature you're asking for is basically what this Quicken Windows Portfolio Rebalancer does? (If so, we'll want the moderators to merge this thread into that one; combining votes in one thread is easier to get to the attention of the developers than multiple threads each with a small number of votes.) 
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