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Frequently, when I move funds (cash) from a brokerage account or money market account or a checking account, to one of the others, Quicken sees fit to call that a _RlzdGain (Realized Gain) when in fact it is not. Also it is usually "uncatagorized". It is simply movement of cash from one account to another. It is just another extremely annoying aspect of the program. Is there a way to avoid this error, or, does anyone know a fix?


  • Tom Young
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    I've been transferring funds between Quicken Accounts for decades and have never seen any transfer somehow accounted for as realized gain, which is a Category.  In fact this would seem to be impossible in that the only way that could possibly happen would be for the funds to NOT show up in the "to" Account, and you don't make that claim. 
    A Transfer looks like this:
    Debit (increase) To Account         $XXX       (Assumes To Account is an asset Account of some sort)
    Credit (decrease) From Account $XXX       (Assumes From Account is an asset Account of some sort)
    but what you're describing would have to eliminate one or the other Accounts from the entry and substitute "_RlzdGain  $XXX."
    But then you say the transaction is somehow also Categorized as "Uncategorized" which is another yet another"Category" in the way Quicken looks at things. 
    If what you're reporting is accurate then it seems that each transfer is in effect entered twice, once as a standard transfer (I assume the respective Account balances are correct after the transfer) and then again as a balanced entry of:
    Debit Uncategorized  $XXX
    Credit _RlzdGain       $XXX
    Very mysterious.  Can you post a screen shot(s) of an actual example of what you're seeing? 

  • MichaelGa
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    Hello Tom,
    I did not see your reply till now.
    I am attaching 5 numbered screen shots. I think the website might erase some info though...
    The xfers are really pretty simple back and forth moves of cash...
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