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To create a new report, you have to modify an existing report. Usually, you pick one of the Quicken Standard Reports on the left side of the Reports and Graphs panel then click the Customize gear to modify it.

Unfortunately, the settings available in the Display tab depend on the report. Some have Show Columns but may not have the names you need. Some subtotal, show splits, have comparisons, etc.

I would like a template with all the options so I don't have to open each to see if it will create the report I need.
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    If you study the standard reports, I think you will see they have significant differences that might make this idea impractical. Let's look at the Spending reports for example
    • The ones that begin with "Itemized" are organized by Category, Payee, or Tag, go down to the transaction level, and let you pick which columns to show.
    • The ones that begin with "Spending by" summarize by Category or Payee and let you pick a date interval
    • The ones that begin with "Income and expense by" are like the "Spending by" reports but have the totals at the bottom. I think these are a newer generation then the "Spending by" reports.
    The Banking > Cash Flow by Tag report summarizes the transactions and lets you pick the rows and columns separately.

    Some people have asked that Quicken provide a general purpose report generator that would let you let you access the underlying data directly. That would certainly provide maximum flexibility, but I think that might cause a lot of confusion and support calls. I think the current reports would benefit from some modernization, but they are a pretty good compromise between complexity and ease of use. 

    [edit to add] If you would like to see more flexible report generation in Quicken, please comment and vote on this Idea thread

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    If Quicken showed a thumbnail image of each report, it would save me a lot of time. I also use QuickBooks and create a lot of custom reports. Attached is a screenshot of their solution. QuickBooks lists their Standard types of reports in the left column. Across the top are tabs for reports you customize then Memorize, your Favorites, and Recent. On their website are many custom reports contributed by users which you can download, modify, and use. This would not be difficult to implement.