One-time income reminders disappear after recording

For all versions after R45.21 - recording a one-time income reminder causes that reminder to disappear from the listed transactions in the Bills and Income Reminders list. Repeating income reminders work as expected.


  • craigaboyce
    craigaboyce Member ✭✭
    Steps to reproduce:
    Update Quicken to R47.15.
    Add a one-time income reminder.
    Confirm reminder shows in list.
    Record Reminder.
    Observe that reminder is gone from list.
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    So far, I must admit, I'm not seeing anything wrong.
    A one-time reminder, once executed, is supposed to vanish from the list of bill & income reminders. It's done, it's complete. It has been converted into a real register transaction which can now be found in your Checking account register with a date of 2/18 (today).
  • craigaboyce
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    edited February 18
    No, I've used one-time transactions for years and they have always stayed in the Reminders list as Paid / Received. As I stated...Prior to and including R45.21 one-time transactions stay in the reminders list...readily visible so you can what has/has not been processed.

    Roll back to R45.21 and you can see that the processed transactions remains in Reminders list - screenshot attached - showing two one-time transactions in the list.
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