Problems with Wells Fargo Express Web Connect

I have used Web Connect with Wells Fargo (WF) for years, because I prefer to go to the web page, click the Download Account Activity link next to the appropriate account, and download to Quicken. Recently I added a new account to my WF checking and savings accounts (a CD or Time Account), and simply wanted to add it to the other accounts linked to Web Connect. When I attempted to do so I found that I no longer had the option of using the old Web Connect method but was forced to use Express Web Connect that downloaded to all three WF accounts simultaneously. This would have been OK if it had worked, but it was a disaster! Several thousand dollars disappeared from one of my Quicken WF accounts, and there was no way to determined where it had gone. For this reason I was forced to restore an older file from Quicken Backup, and revert to using "old fashioned" Web Connect on Quicken. The problem remains that I cannot use Web Connect on my Time Account to download interest payments into Quicken. I would simply like to be able to download data accurately into these accounts, but cannot. I am using Quicken for Windows, Windows 10, 64 bit.
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