Edward Jones Dividend Reinvestments downloading incorrectly

I've seen this problem posted several times but no solutions. I am a long time Edward Jones user & a long time Quicken user. I run windows 10. About a year ago something changed.

When I do a one step update the dividend reinvestment transactions come through as a buy and a sell, not a dividend reinvestment. This wouldn't be a problem EXCEPT: 1) none of the mutual fund names are correct. They come thru as ** fund A, instead of fund A. and 2) the price per share & number of shares are text, not numeric.

I have been correcting manually but I am getting annoyed. Any solutions?


  • splasher
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    I'm a EJ client also, but I am not seeing what you describe.  The only ones that I end up tweaking are the ones that have foreign tax involved.
    Your EJ account(s) are setup for Direct Connect downloading?  Look at the Account List on the Tools menu.
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