Lost tags, unreliable restore from backup

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I have to start out by saying as a long time Quicken user this product has become less reliable since it has gone to releasing multiple updates throughout the year. 

Now for my problem. Like others, I found that the majority of my transactions have lost their tag information. This appears to have occurred with the R41.19 update I performed on July 8 or the 42.8 update I performed on July 26, 2022. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I recently ran an itemized tag report (I use tags extensively to separate costs of home expenses by project). If I restore the file back to 7/8/22 all my tags appear to be in place. 

So, using a current file with the broken tags I exported transactions for all accounts with a date range of 7/8/2022 to current. I then restored my current file to 7/8/2022 and imported the transactions previously exported. I would have expected to see only transactions from 7/8 forward being added to the restored file but instead found transactions much older being modified making this process unusable. If this worked as expected I would have expected to see some duplicate transactions for 7/8/2022 but am also finding dups for dates later. 

Any insight anyone can provide would be welcome.


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    How did you export the transactions and how did you import the transactions - QIF or some other method?

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