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In January 2023 I was forced renew a subscription started in August 2022 and I did that. Since then, no credit card accounts can download data. I get an OL-227-A message with every one. Amex, Visa, Mastercard. I have updated all my patches. My accounts clearly state that they are in Cdn dollars. This problem has been around for a long time and I can't find a solution online and Quicken personnel offer no responses. Please provide me the answer to fix this. Thx. xfileclerk


  • Arctic Hare
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    @xfileclerk I suggest you provide additional detail:
    • Exactly what version are you running?
    • Have you discussed this issue with Quicken (phone/chat) technical support?
    • Which financial institution(s) are involved?
    • Have you tried setting up download in a brand new test file (not a new account, a new file)?
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