I need help with renewal - won’t accept zipcode (edit)

I have tried several ways to pay for my renewal on my subscription. It just continues to ask for zip code when I have put that in. I’ve tried all ways and this is what it still does! Even used different cards, PayPal and checking! Still does the zip refusal!


  • UKR
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    Are you trying to renew the US or the Canadian version?
    What are you entering as the Zip code? It should also accept a Canadian postal code.
  • The US zip code
  • I’m downloading for Chandler IN area 47610 and also tried the 9 digit of 47610-9002. I’ve tried everything and it still says need zip code. I’ve done every avenue to renew and/or purchase this software and nothing works because the zip keeps saying the same! I’ve worked on it for hours and I guess I’m just going to purchase a whole different software other then Quicken!
  • Gopher651
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    Which browser are you using? I normally use Brave but some sites don't play well with Brave shields, ad blockers and all. I switch to Chrome for those sites.
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