Quicken error in investment basis

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The basis for a money market fund totals incorrectly in Quicken. This error started with a transaction on 3/31/2022. It is the only transaction for that investment at that time. The fund is always valued at $1. The purchase on 3/31/2022 was 45.29 shares at $1 totaling $45.29. BUT on the Investing Portfolio view, the Total investment shows as Market Value $1; Shares 45.29; Market Value $45.29; Cost Basis $45.21; Gain/Loss $0.08.

This error is the same when I look at the Holdings in the Account view.

This money market fund is a "sweep" fund for my IRA account. Thus, it has investments going in and out of it a few times a month.

This is an obvious error and the $0.08 error continues to today.

Screen shot as of 3/31/2022

Screen shot as of today - 2/23/2023

I am a long time Quicken Windows user.

How do I get Quicken to correct this error?

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