download Vanguard 403b

Quicken (Windows, R47.15) thinks Vanguard 403b funds are managed by Verisight (Newport Group) but in conversations with Vanguard and Newport, Newport says they have no access to Vanguard funds and with problems downloading the 403b account from the Vanguard website I was referred to Newport Group. Catch 22 situation. Finally selected the download button in the 403b account and selected download hx and saw download file options. I was able to select the QuickenQIF file and it said it downloaded but saw no update date in the Quicken folder but once I selected the actual investment then I saw the transaction history and saw my multiple attempts. All this happened AFTER I had deactivated the Quicken 403b account's online services. When I attempted to reestablish the account's online services, Quicken using the Vanguard as the financial institution and that setup only linked me to the personal account and NOT the 403b. Using the previous institution of Verisight with their account number it did not recognize the name and/or password. In conversation with NewportGroup (used to manage Verisight) they said they have nothing to do with Vanguard's 403b. Vanguard help desk told me to talk to Quicken. So I will stay with not linking online services via Quicken software and use Vanguard's download links to update. Quicken has lost the ability to be the one stop service it historically has been (user for over 35 years) perhaps because the financial institutions don't want that?
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