USAA Connection Update destroys my data file

I was pushed by Quick to "Reauthorize" Quicken access so it could update the method of access. I performed a backup before attempting this, as I had a similar experience earlier in the year with Bank of America. I perform the process to "reauthorize" and Quicken "resyncs" all my accounts and absolutely screws my data in the process. My primary checking account went from a POSITIVE 8K balance to a NEGATIVE 23K, and Savigs went from a POSITIVE 25K to NEGATIVE 12K. Several other accounts are also screwed. To restore from backup, and as soon as the restore is complete, it re-syncs to the cloud, and that appears to have been corrupted and my balances are once again wrong. It appears a "BACKUP" is NOT a backup after all, because it re-syncs to the cloud and whatever is stored there appears to be what Quicken uses. So there is no way I can "recover" my data from the backup file, or any of the automatic backups that happen, so what the he__ is the backup for, just to give a false sense of security?

As stated I had some experience late last year and spent a whole day on a support call trying to get it fixed. To have Quicken support say "Sorry" we can't fix it. You need to start with a new data file and rebuild everything.

Your process to upgrade connectivity to these institutions is BROKEN, and needs to be fixed. I also am NOT interested in maintaining my data in YOUR cloud anymore just to have it invalidate my backups and cause me problems.

Better yet, I pay for support. Guess what! You can't GET SUPPORT except for normal business hours Monday thru Friday. Guess what... Your customers WORK for a living, do you think they can spend hours on a call with your support and tell their job I am busy? If we are paying for support, we should get support when we need it, not when you feel its convenient for you.


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    Unfortunately the restore process now forces a sync to the Quicken cloud even if you have cloud sync disabled. As a workaround, you can change the file extension of the backup file from .QDF-backup to .QDF and then just open the file rather than restoring.

    Sorry, can't help with the reauthorization issues, but having read of many similar issues here with the various financial institution switchovers to EWC+, I understand why you are so frustrated.

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