Speed up transaction downloads

I frequently must sign out of/into Quicken to DL transactions from my bank (Phoenixville S&L) and Chase. There's no error code, but signing out/in fixes the problem for that day. Please, Quicken, automate the process to sign out/in and add it to the 'One Step Update.'


  • Kempster
    Kempster Member
    Or Quicken, just fix the problem with Chase downloading properly. I cannot get more than one account to update at a time. I must go to each Chase account and request an update in order to get new transactions to download. Even then, some do not download even though they have cleared.
  • joanneh
    joanneh Member
    I'm having the same problem. I have to download different banks one at a time even although I select "all accounts". doesn't help to sign out and back in. is anyone going to address this? Using Quicken subscription for PC.
  • joanneh
    joanneh Member
    went into "update settings" and it corrected the issue.
  • Pfiagra
    Pfiagra Member
    I have the same issue. going into "update settings" doesn't help.