Fidelity OL-220-A Error

I have been a Quicken user for 20+ years. I have experienced OL-220-A errors with Fidelity Investments accounts for more than 10 years. I have tried the usual support documentation multiple times to no avail. I have two sets of Fidelity Investments accounts set to Direct Connect, one works every time and one works 2 or 3 times per YEAR. Resolving this issue will dictate my continued support for Quicken. Anyone have a reliable solution?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    What is different about the account(s) that fail? Please be as specific as possible without revealing your account number. :)

    I have 4 Fidelity Investments accounts under 2 logins, and they have never failed to download over the decades except for temporary outages. 1 brokerage account, 2 trad IRAs, and 1 Roth IRA all work fine with Direct Connect.

    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Premier Subscription (US) on Win10 Pro.
  • T-Bills
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    I have 7 accounts under 2 logins. Each login has a brokerage account, a traditional IRA, and a Roth IRA. One login has a HSA account that was added a few years ago and the only difference. The 2 logins are tied together for a single "family" monthly statement. All are set up as Direct Connect. I have tried for years to get it figured out, as have some other users.
  • lb
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    Received the OL-220-A error today as well. Tried disconnecting and re-adding. Just get a spinning wheel.
  • Ben
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    I tried this a few days ago after receiving a message about a transaction not being supported on (I thought I had cleared and disabled all of this, had to do these steps to actually clear fidelity from trying to sync to it).

    1 - Edit > Preferences > Portfolio

    2 - Added all my fidelity investments from my problem login and also included another random account unrelated to Fidelity.

    3 - Send my symbols only selected, ran the sync.

    4 - Came back in and cleared all fidelity accounts and only left the other random account selected (This seemed to be required, because it wasn't syncing again after I deslected everything.

    5 - Ran a sync again with fidelity login as well as

    6 - came back in and completely removed all syncing to

    After doing that, I have been able to connect and download from fidelity multiple times per day with my problem login. Not sure how long it'll last… but for the time being it's working without getting parse errors within a day like I always had before.

  • Ben
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    It was a good run… almost 5 days without issues. Then I get the dreaded OL-220-A this morning on 2 of my fidelity logins… sigh

  • T-Bills
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    Sorry to hear that. After my "fix", I have been over 2 weeks without an issue.

  • FedUpRich
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    12 days with this problem. Quicken says there has been an open ticket since March 8, but they have no ETA on a fix. I should have stuck to my spreadsheets 20 years ago, because 3 months don't go by without some issue with quicken....Don't even get me started on turbo tax. found 2 problems in it this year that they are "now working on", since I reported them and proved the problem was the program. That took several calls, before someone really looked and said oops..."yes it is our problem". That's been 2 weeks and still no fix. Intuit used to be great. what happened?!
  • Ben
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    Well, quicken isn't owend by Intuit anymore… Though quicken still uses Intuit for bank connectivity. Hope they break away from that.

  • tnealon
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    I am also getting this OL-220-A error on Fidelity. I didn't know about this thread but the person at Fidelity said that it was a known Quicken issue and they are supposed to be working on it. Does anyone have any updates as of 3/30/2023? Thanks