Allow individual account Reconciliations to be deleted

Reconciliation History includes a Re-Reconcile button to allows users to adjust an existing reconciliation — but it doesn't allow users to truly re-reconcile a period from scratch. The Reconciliation History screen allows users to “Clear History”, wiping out all history of reconciliations for the account. But to clear up a discrepancy which begins in one period and ends in another, it would be helpful to be able to delete one or more reconciliations in order to re-reconcile them from scratch, without deleting reconciliation history for all time.

Users should be able to click on a month in Reconciliation History and “Delete Reconciliation”. This would delete not only the history of the reconciliation, but would change the status of the transactions it contains to unreconciled. (It might be helpful to have an option to “delete this and all reconciliations past this date”, in cases where a problem spans multiple months and it would be easiest to resolve if all the months' reconciliations were deleted and then re-done.)

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  • verso21
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    I agree. As this version of Quicken/Mac now stands, re-reconciliation is not very practical, except by sledgehammer methods.
  • I'm confused…I'm able to simply right-click on a specific entry in an account's reconciliation history and delete just that one, rather than clearing the entire history for the account. Unless I'm misunderstanding, would that not accomplish what you are requesting?

  • Jon
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    You're right, you can - I hadn't noticed that option was available. However, I'll point out that if you delete a reconciliation that isn't the most recent one, it causes a discrepency in the next reconciliation that you can't clear out by re-reconciling (exactly the sort of problem that led to this idea being suggested).

    For example, here's what happened when I deleted the 1/2/23 reconciliation for one of my credit cards and then repeated it:

    When I deleted the January reconciliation, the Quicken balance for the February reconciliation changed, and repeating the January reconciliation didn't fix it. There is no way to get rid of the difference introduced into the February reconciliation except to delete it and then do it over also.

    Now imagine if there was a problem that required you to delete & repeat a reconciliation from several years ago (this is not hypothetical, it's happened to several of us). You can either individually delete & repeat the reconciliation for dozens of months one by one, or you just wipe the slate clean by deleting everything and doing one mass reconciliation.

    So while the ability to delete an individual reconciliation is there, it doesn't seem to be useful in practice.

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