Tangerine.ca downloads to Quicken.ca are not happening (Again)

Using Windows, Quicken 45.18 build and once again no transactions can be inserted into quicken. I can download them and "click On them and only the "One Step Summary" shows on the screen but no dat of the transaction is loaded. This was just fixed about 1 month ago, and it appears to have reared it's head again. All my other cards and accounts work fine. Any options or fixes? Cheers, Duane


  • Tour Guide
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    Please disregard the above post... finger trouble on my part...
  • Doug Dubowski
    Doug Dubowski Member ✭✭
    I am having the exact same issues with Quicken and Tangerine. I have the same version and build as the original poster. When I download the transactions, they are not inserted into Quicken, in the exact same fashion as described above. The only way to get the transactions to download is to select a range of dates for the Tangerine transactions I want to download. I cannot download using the "since last download" option within Tangerine.