Tax Schedule Form 1040 Section.

In the Tax Scedule the section “Medicine and Drugs” includes “Equipment and Supplies”.

“Equipment and Supplies" should break out as a separate section which would facilitate completing tax forms where that category is a separate issue from Medicine and Drugs.


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  • jacobs
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    @jobworker I don't see “Equipment and Supplies” as a category or subcategory in a default Quicken data file. I'm guessing perhaps you created this category?

    Is your Equipment and Supplies category a business expense? If it is mapped to Schedule A > Medicine and Drugs, you can change that tax mapping to the appropriate Schedule C tax line.

    Or am I not understanding something?

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  • jobworker
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    No it is not a schedule C issue. Thanks for pointing that out. I had forgotten I created it because I have such items that fall in that category and I had to put it into Medicine and Drugs. I have had these types of products for years and took it for granted that it was a true tax category. Lets just close the issue.

  • Jon
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    To be fair, TurboTax asks specifically about “Medical Supplies & Equipment” when going through the interview for medical expenses, but it doesn't seem like it's doing anything special with that number compared to the other medical expenses it asks about. I don't know if other tax programs break that out the way TurboTax does.

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  • jacobs
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    Yes, I believe Schedule A has only a single line for all “Medical and dental expenses”. Turbotax may ask some questions to help determine whether medical supplies/equipment one has purchased are tax-deductible or not.

    In any case, the original poster has said to close the issue, so I supposed we should do so and leave it at that.

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